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Inspired by the street markets and lush jungles of Asia, JIA is an Asian restaurant and mixology bar located in Bend, Oregon. The kitchen draws influences from Vietnam, China, Thailand and other parts of Asia.. Inspired by Asian Street Food Culture. Our founder, Cynthia Linh, otherwise known as '@Cyneats' online, has spent the last 7 years.

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Shoukouwa. Sushi Kimura. Sushi Ichi. Shinji (Tanglin Road) Shinji (Bras Basah) "With such clean and subtle flavours, you could go for the local match of a Japanese Koshu such as Chateau Mercian Koshu Kirioka, but with richer seafood like fatty toro, I would look for a wine that exhibits the same characters.

Shaoxing Wine Chinese Cooking Wine RecipeTin Eats

1 - Riesling. For many Aisan dishes, bold flavors and fragrances are the norm. Which means that big bodied and oaky wines are not going to work. Instead, match like for like and pick an aromatic white wine to go with those fragrant flavors. Riesling could be that wine as they can be nicely fruity with some floral notes that work well with.

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A good wine to pair with General Tso's chicken is a Zinfandel. Zinfandels are typically high in alcohol, bold flavors, and spice notes which makes them a good choice for pairing with spicy food. Another good wine to pair with General Tso's chicken is a Syrah. Syrahs are also high in alcohol and have bold spice flavors.

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Rosé. While rosé is a versatile type of wine, it pairs better with some Asian dishes than with others. It is best suited to dishes that use pork as the main type of protein, such as sweet and sour pork, pan-fried pork and dumplings, or roast pork meals.

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Pork meat is added to enhance the flavours,' said Guo Ying. Try a still or sparkling made with 100% Chardonnay to pair with this fresh and light dish, or with other Dim Sum dishes of similar texture, such as Shumai. Food and wine expert Fiona Beckett suggested 'sparkling wine, preferably blanc de blancs Champagne, or a chilled fino Sherry.

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Chinese Food Wine Pairings. Vegetable forward dishes with a good splash of soy sauce go particularly well with an acidic white that has grassy, herby notes, like a New Zealand sauvignon blanc. If you are eating something like sesame chicken that has both sweet and salty notes, a fruity bubbly lambrusco is a great match.

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Pairing Wine with Chinese Food. Pick a big, spicy wine with good fruit flavors and a hint of sweetness, such as a Gewürztraminer or a Riesling. Californian or Australian Chardonnays without too much oak-aging would also be good. Among red wines, light, fruity varietals enjoyed young, such as Beaujolais or Zinfandel, match up well with Chinese.

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Gamay (Beaujolais) is fantastic, especially with a little chill on it. Spanish Garnacha (Grenache) is more full bodied than Gamay, but also a good match. Don't forget rosés—they're just begging to be paired with strong, spicy Asian flavors. Great rosés are now being made in almost every major wine country. And, for what might well be.

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Dive into a culinary adventure at RD Winery in Napa, where Asian cuisine meets Californian wine! Enjoy an unparalleled food and wine pairing experience with our Fifth Moon wines and exotic dishes crafted by Chef Max Ackerman of Sushi Monkey. From Malvasia Bianca with poached shrimp to a Red Blend with hoisin pulled pork sliders, each bite is a.

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2. Pairing Asian Foods and Viognier. White wines made from the Viognier grape are actually an unorthodox choice for Asian style foods for two reasons. They tend to be low in acid and full in alcohol, somewhat like Chardonnay. But unlike Chardonnay, Viogniers tend to be extremely fragrant, billowing with exotic fruit, honeysuckle-like perfumes.

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The Chardonnay is a medium to full-bodied textural wine with white peach and melon skin aromas and integrated French oak that lends a creamy texture and long, balanced finish. "It's fresh fruity flavour will also neutralise the heat and its acidity will balance the spicy Szechuan sauce," suggests Wong. Candlenut.

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Here, he shares his favorite wine pairings for classic Asian dishes like laksa and Hainanese chicken rice, as well as sashimi and sushi in Japan. Nussey showcases some great wine pairing ideas for even Korean barbecue with all its spicy, fermented accoutrements. From left: Casillero Del Diablo Viognier, Marques de Casa Concha Chardonnay, Maycas.

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Matching wine to Asian food flavors is often considered to be more challenging - especially dishes that have unique herbs, spices and flavors. Yet at Eight Tables Restaurant by George Chen, the.

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Tatler's wine expert offers some pointers on matching wine with food from around Asia.

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Salt and pepper shrimp: Bright, energetic Sauvignon Blanc, a lime-driven Gruner Veltliner, or blanc de blancs Champagne. Great acidity seems to be the key here. Spicy cucumber: The mouthwatering.