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This is a great addition to our roundup of Halloween party games and activities. 55. Halloween Name that Tune. Add a dose of fright to your party by playing Name That Tune with Halloween songs like Thriller! 56. Witch Hat Memory Game. For this game, you will need 3 witch hats and 1 ball.

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1. Winning Moves Ouija Board BEST OVERALL If you're in the mood to conjure up some spirits, then turn to this timeless Halloween party game. Ouija Boards have been used to talk to those on the other side since the late 1800s, and for less than $20, you too can get a direct line to the afterlife.

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Game 1: Bone Chilling Beer Pong Game 2: Creepy Kings Cup Game 3: Terrifying Truth or Drink Game 4: Frightful Photo Scavenger Hunt Game 5: Spooky Would You Rather Game 6: Bobbing for Apples with a Twist Game 7: Costume Bingo Mayhem Game 8: Horror Movie Trivia Game 9: Monster Mash Dance-off Game 10: Good Witch, Bad Witch

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So how is a grownup supposed to celebrate? It's not like trick or treating can work for us anymore. We've made you a list of fun Halloween drinking games, because we at Together Kit understand adults need fun too. You won't need to break the budget to play any of these Halloween party drinking games.

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Getty Celebrating Halloween as a kid is great and all, but doing it as an adult is even better — because you can make your own rules. Want to stay out late? Go for it. Want to eat all the candy.

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Bobbing for booze - a version of the classic apple catching but for adults only. You will need apples floating in a large bowl of water. Carve a number on each apple and each guest must catch an apple with their teeth and drink as many shots as the number carved on the apple.

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1 Glow in the dark beer pong This name of this idea might give you some scary flashbacks to beer pong games in college, but don't worry, this version is much milder. Set up some glow in the dark.

Halloween Drunk Dice Drinking Game Halloween Party Games Etsy

JOYIN Halloween Bean Bag Toss Game. Now 23% Off. $10 at Amazon. Credit: Amazon. For outdoor gatherings, consider this large-format game. Players earn points for tossing bean bags through a variety of targets. Adults might even turn it into a drinking game to replace the more traditional cornhole.

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Halloween Jinx Drinking Game. A sneaky drinking game to the play at a Halloween party involves coming up with a banned word that — when spoken — everyone has to take a drink. There's nothing better than watching newcomers fumble their way to finding out what the jinxed word is. Some typical Halloween words you might try include: Witch ; Pumpkin

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More DIY Halloween games and fun ideas. 31. Costume Contest. On your invitations, make sure to let your guest know that creative costumes are encouraged! We love to award small prizes for best dressed guest, too! You could also do a themed dress up party for adults! 32.

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For those who really want to turn up the thrills and chills, games like Thriller Flip Cup and Eyeball Beer Pong offer a festive twist on these party classics. On the other hand, if you're hosting a smaller gathering, Trick or Treater Bingo is an easy, more casual way to spice up your evening.

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Slap a Witch This is your typical slap cup game except the cup in the middle is the "witches brew" that the loser has to drink. Use your new party cups and creepy ping pong balls and play some ~spooky tunes~ in the background for some Halloween ambiance. (Monster Mash anyone?) Trick or Treat Evan Caligor Warning: play if you dare.

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How well do your friends know you? Get Started 1. Circle of Death 🍺 Circle of Death, also known as Kings Cup, is a classic drinking game guaranteed to be a hit at any party. In this easy card game, you assign unique functions to each card in your deck. For Halloween, we recommend playing the game with a spooky twist.

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The Shining. Interview with the Vampire. 👉 Take a look at more Halloween-themed Trivia questions! 3. Trick-Or-Treat Shots. There are many ways of adding a drinking element to a game of Trick or Treat for adults. For this Trick-Or-Treat Shots game, you will have to add a bit of trickery to your drinks menu.

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Betsie Van der Meer // Getty Images Halloween Blind Cocktail Taste Test Brew spooky drinks for guests to enjoy, like a cherry crush or a pomegranate "poison" spritz. Host a taste test where you.

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1. Bobbing for Liquor Our first grown-up Halloween party idea is a game featuring tiny liquor bottles. Purchase some single-serving-size bottles of liquor and place them in a bucket filled with water, as if you were playing bobbing for apples. When someone pulls a small bottle out of the water with their teeth, they have to drink it.