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Maple. Maple cutting board (Image: Jameson Fink) Hard maple or sugar maple are two similar types of hardwood that make good cutting boards. Because of its close-grained structure, this wood offers excellent durability and resistance to bacteria. It is adequately hard to provide a suitable surface for cutting.

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1,700-2,300 (depending on species) Pecan. 1,820. You can see from this board that the best woods for cutting boards are hard maple, black walnut, black cherry, teak, oak, and beech. Acacia, used in inexpensive wood cutting boards, is harder than desirable, which means it will be hard on your knives.

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Wood That Is Too Hard or Too Soft. The ideal hardness range for wood used in cutting boards is between 850 - 1,600 lbf on the Janka scale. Any wood that is too high or too low on this scale can cause its own set of problems with your board. Woods that are below 850 lbf on the scale will wear much faster than wood within the ideal range.

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Prime Teak Wood Cutting Board. Check Current Price On Amazon.. The dark wood of this end grain cutting board is sleek and stylish and will give you a durable and safe cutting surface for many years. Natural Rubber Cutting Boards. It might sound like an odd material for a cutting board, but natural rubber has many unique benefits..

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The following is a list of all the winners from my testing process: Best Wooden Cutting Board Overall: John Boos Maple Edge-Grain Reversible Cutting Board. Best Low-Maintenance Wooden Cutting.

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Option #1: Maple. It is one of the best wood for cutting boards because it is food-safe wood and outperforms all options due to its ability to resist stains, moisture, and bacteria due to its small pores and closed-grain pattern. However, a hard maple cutting board with an off-white and amber-yellow cutting surface makes it difficult to cover.

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Amazon. For the budget-minded shopper, this solid teak wood cutting board just might be the best non-toxic cutting board for you. It's made from FSC-certified teak wood and comes in 100% plastic-free packaging. It comes in four sizes: 14×9″, 17×11″, 20×15″ and 24×18″ depending on your requirements.

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But while both types have their pros and cons, research shows that either wood cutting boards or plastic cutting boards can be safe if you follow some simple steps. Use at least two. "Have one.

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Ironwood Gourmet End-Grain Acacia Wood Cutting Board. Amazon. View On Amazon $100 View On Walmart $58 View On Sur La Table $119. At a fraction of the cost of the above boards, this acacia end-grain cutting board will do its job more than well enough.

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Teak Wood. One of the most important characteristics of any wood that is used to make a cutting board is hardness. Thankfully teak has a hardness in spades, having a hardness rating of around 1,070lbf on the Janka scale. Teak is even harder than Walnut wood, being able to resist an impressive amount of impact and abrasion.

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A: For cutting boards that will be used daily, Jess, stick with tight-grained domestic hardwoods, especially maple, birch, and beech. The small pores on these dense hardwoods leave fewer hiding places for foodborne bacteria than an open-grained wood, such as red oak. (Bamboo, actually a grass, offers another safe option.) Lighter wood colors.

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These cutting surfaces are generally the cheapest ($15 to $100), but they shrink more than any of the three other woods, so condition your cutting board monthly. 3. Teak. Boasting a hardness.

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Bamboo Cutting Boards. Bamboo cutting boards are harder and less porous than hardwoods. Bamboo absorbs very little moisture and resists scarring from knives, so they are more resistant to bacteria than other woods. Clean bamboo cutting boards with hot soapy water; sanitize if desired. Rub with mineral oil to help retain moisture.

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Liflicon Food-Grade Silicone Cutting Board: Made from 100% food-grade, FDA-approved silicone. A 100% plastic-free cutting board offering similar cleaning ease with better knife protection. Non-toxic and available in multiple sizes and sets, with the large board measuring 14.6" x 10.4" x 0.2". Shop Liflicon silicone.

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The Taste of Home Test Kitchen has use every type of wood cutting board on the market. And the winner is clear: maple. Sarah Farmer, who leads the Taste of Home culinary team, says, "We like our cutting boards like we like our syrup—of the maple variety.". In other words, her go-to material for a cutting board is maple.

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John Boos & Co. Grooved Reversible Maple Wood Cutting Board. $220 $163. Amazon (24" x 18") $87. WebstaurantStore (20" x 14") $87. John Boos (20" x 14") When it comes to the best wood cutting.