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A turkey fryer is a large pot or electric deep fryer used primarily for cooking turkeys. According to the American Oil Chemists' Society, one gallon of oil absorbs almost 2,000 BTUs during frying. This means that an average-sized turkey (about 12 pounds) would absorb almost 24,000 BTUs! The total cooking time can range from three to four.

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BEST OVERALL: Enterprises Turkey Deep Fryer Oversized 44 Quart. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: GasOne B-5155 Propane Burner with Steamer Pot-Turkey. BEST KIT SET: Backyard Pro 30 Qt. Deluxe Aluminum.

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Add oil and place in the turkey: Heat the oil to 325°F, and slowly lower the turkey into the pot with turkey fryer tools, like a lifting hook and poultry rack. Maintain the temperature from 300.

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Best for home use. If you want a turkey fryer to use safely in the home, the Cuisinart is a great choice. It has two cooking settings for fry and steam, adjustable temperature control, and a large.

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Other Uses for a Turkey Fryer Benefits Instructions; Deep frying other meats: Can cook larger cuts of meat evenly: Follow the same instructions as you would for frying a turkey, but adjust the cooking time accordingly. Making doughnuts: Can make a large batch of doughnuts at once

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Best Overall: King Kooker 29-Quart Turkey Frying Cooker Package at Amazon ($120) Jump to Review. Best Without Burner: Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Turkey Fryer at Amazon ($138) Jump to Review. Best Burner: Bayou Classic High-Pressure Propane Burner at Amazon ($78) Jump to Review.

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Best Overall: Bayou Classic 44-Quart "Big Bird" Kit at Amazon ($329) Jump to Review. Best Value: Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Turkey Fryer at Amazon ($138) Jump to Review. Best Combo Deep Fryer.

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Best Indoor: Masterbuilt 10-Liter XL Electric Fryer. Best Outdoor: King Kooker Outdoor Turkey Fryer. Best Big Bird: Bayou Classic 44-Quart ″Big Bird″ Kit. Best Small Bird: CreoleFeast Turkey Fryer Set. Best Oil-Less: Char-Broil ″The Big Easy″ Oil-Less Turkey Fryer.

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The Big Easy is a popular oil-less turkey fryer made by Char-Broil, which differs from traditional turkey fryers that use hot oil and an external burner. This fryer is a healthier alternative as it does not require oil to cook the turkey. What comes in a turkey fryer kit? To safely use a turkey fryer kit, there are a few important steps to.

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Q: How do I use a turkey fryer for other purposes? A: Using a turkey fryer for other purposes is relatively simple. Just follow these steps: 1. Fill the fryer with oil to the desired level. 2. Heat the oil to the desired temperature. 3. Add the food you want to cook to the fryer. 4. Cook the food until it is cooked through. 5.

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Bayou Classic 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer. $122 at Home Depot. Credit: Bayou Classic. Pros. Can be used for steaming and boiling as well. Comes with a grab hook and 12-inch thermometer.

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To start, fill your fryer with cooking oil to the line suggested on the pot. Attach your propane tank and turn the heat on. Let the oil temperature get up to about 400 degrees, since when you put.

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A turkey fryer can sear and singe in seconds, keeping meats browned and tender, and vegetables crisp and tender. Use a well-seasoned steel or iron wok (or large cast-iron skillet) and cook on the patio, in the yard, driveway or poolside. Use a fryer for a shrimp boil by substituting water for oil. Make a rich cooking broth with seasonings like.

32qt Stainless Turkey Fryer Turkey Fryer Kit

Best Overall: Bayou Classic 32-quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Kit. Best Budget: King Kooker Outdoor Turkey Fryer. Best Splurge: Masterbuilt Propane Fryer with Thermostat Control. Best for Big.

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Other Uses for Turkey Fryers. 1. Seafood Boils. You can boil as well as fry in your turkey fryer. Crawfish boils, low-country boils, crab boils—the fryer is ideal for all of these. Just load the seafood and fixings into the steamer basket and have at it. A turkey fryer is a great tool for seafood boils. 2.

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Slowly lower the roast into the oil and maintain the temperature at 350°F. A rule of thumb is to cook it for three minutes per pound for medium-rare, and four minutes per pound for medium. Remove from the oil and let it rest for 15 minutes. A quick tip is to place slices of fresh bread underneath it to absorb the grease.